Using More Than One Loops

posted by Timmy Skwirl
Jan 3

When coding complex WordPress pages with more than one loop, <a Cheap nfl Jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>wholesale nfl jerseys it can happen NFL Jerseys Cheap that cheap oakleys one of the loops doesn’t ПЛИТКИ behave Fake Ray Bans as expected: for example, unwanted offset, repeated posts, etc. Luckily, with a bit of knowledge and a very useful function, wholesale jerseys NFL Jerseys Cheap china we can avoid this.

The following example features two distinct loops. Notice the rewind_posts() function on line 8. This example can nba jerseys sales be used on any WordPress file as is: index.php, single.php, etc.

<span style="color: fake oakleys #ffcc00″>01    // First loop (get the last 3 posts in the “featured” category)
02    <?php query_posts(‘category_name=featured&showposts=3’); ?>
03    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); nfl jerseys cheap ?>
04      <!– Do stuff… –>
05    <?php endwhile;?><br racha />
07    //loop reset
08    <?php rewind_posts(); ?><br своими />
10    //Second loop (Get all posts)
11    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
12      <!– Do stuff… –>
13    <?php endwhile; ?>

Code Cheap Ray Bans explanation.

This piece of code doesn’t use any hacks; rewind_posts() is a standard nfl oakley sunglasses sale jerseys cheap football jerseys cheap WordPress function.

The purpose of rewind_posts() is to “clear” a loop that has been previously used (like the first loop in our example above), allowing you to use a second loop that isn’t affected by the first loop’s results.

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