Web“Good design is good business” – remember the famous quote from Thomas J Watson Sr., once President of IBM who guided the company through to scale international heights.

Well this message is largely applicable to the field of Web Graphic Design. Today’s companies draw on Graphic Design resources to create lasting corporate identities and brands that ultimately translates into good business and rising profit margins.

But what really do we mean by Graphic Design? An important element of “Visual Communication”, Graphic Design is defined as the art and profession of selecting and arranging visual elements such as images, symbols, colors and typography with the specific purpose of communicating a message to a target audience. Indeed a mouthful. However, Graphic Design is not merely art for art’s sake in that it has a communicative function as well. For instance, one cannot consider a surrealist painting to have been graphically designed.

Adobe_CSlogosGraphic design firms across the world constantly place emphasis on the process of “Composition” – a graphic design process that unites pre-existing visual materials or diverse visual motifs into a composite whole. FSA designers are licensed professionals using the full Adobe Creative Suite. We are experts with Photoshop and Dreamweaver. More importantly, we believe it doesn’t matter what software you use…graphic design as a term encapsulates both the process of designing and the end products or designs that are created as a result of that process. We are there with you throughout!

Graphic design companies will very often have a separate wing of web developers who specialize in using HTML and PHP to make a graphically designed website accessible on the Internet. HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language describes the structure of text based information in a document and denotes text as links, headings, paragraphs, lists and so on. graphicart3It works hand in hand with graphic design to make a web page or website visible on the Internet. PHP gives you the dynamic element in your framework.

With an increasingly expanding clientele that spans several countries, FSA is a diverse innovative Web Graphics firm. It is really our honesty and integrity apart from a superlative infrastructure, an expert team of creative professionals and a pro-active techno-artists that helps us serve you better, year after year, with customized and affordable graphic design solutions.

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