FSA does great press releasesNews Distribution by Geography, Trade, Industry or Specialty Market

Reach over 200,000 media contacts by targeting:

GeographyFSA can put you in front of key outlets in your area, or anywhere in the world.

Industry – reach broadcast, print and online media points across the country

Specialty Market – choose from dozens of special interest options that will get your unique news in front of audiences that are most important to you.

Ask your FSA consultant about these press release distribution services:

Social Media 2.0 – transform your press release into a social media tool that engages online audiences

CSRwire – deliver your corporate social responsibility news to half a million people in more than 200 countries

Collegiate Presswire – target college and university campus media across North America


Get noticed with a FSA Media Blitz for as little as $149.99 today!

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