These are suggested methods to prevent distributed denial of service attacks.

  1. Use the ip verify unicast reverse-path interface command on the input interface on the router at the upstream end of the connection.

    This feature examines each packet received as input on that interface. If the source IP address does not have a route in the CEF tables that points back to the same interface on which the packet arrived, the router drops the packet.

    The effect of Unicast RPF is that zona it stops SMURF attacks (and other attacks that depend on source IP address spoofing) at the ISP’s POP (lease and dial-up). This protects your network and customers, Ray Ban sale as well as the rest of the Internet. To use unicast RPF, enable “CEF switching” or “CEF distributed switching” in the router. There is no need to configure the input interface for CEF switching. As long as CEF is running on the router, individual interfaces can be configured Cheap nfl Jerseys with other switching modes. RPF is an input side function that enabled on an interface or sub-interface and operates on packets received by the router.

    It is very important for CEF to be turned on in the router. RPF does not work without CEF. Unicast RPF is not supported in any 11.2 or 11.3 images. Unicast RPF is included in 12.0 on platforms that support CEF, wholesale nfl jerseys which includes the AS5800. Hence, unicast RFP can be configured on the PSTN/ISDN dial-up interfaces on the AS5800.

  2. Filter all RFC-1918 address space using Access Control Lists (ACLs).

    Refer to this example:

    access-list 101 deny ip Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses any
    access-list 101 deny ip Fake Oakleys any
    access-list 101 deny Cheap nba Jerseys ip any
    access-list 101 permit ip any any
    interface xy
       ip access-group 101 in

    Another source of information about special use IPv4 address space that can be oakley outlet filtered is the (now expired) IETF draft ‘Documenting Special Use IPv4 Address Blocks that have cheap jordans online been registered with IANA .’

  3. Apply ingress and egress filtering using ACLs.

    Refer to this example:

         { ISP Core } -- ISP Edge Router -- Customer Edge Router -- { Customer network }

    The ISP edge router should only accept traffic with source addresses belonging to the customer network. The customer network should only accept traffic with source addresses other than the customer network block. This is a sample ACL for an ISP edge router:

    access-list 190 permit ip {customer network} {customer network mask} any 
    access-list 190 deny ip any any [log] 
    interface {ingress interface} {interface #} 
    	ip access-group 190 in

    This is a sample ACL for a customer edge router:

    access-list 187 deny ip {customer network} {customer network mask} any 
    access-list 187 permit ip any any 
    access-list 188 permit ip {customer network} {customer network cheap nba jerseys mask} any 
    access-list 188 deny ip any any 
    interface {egress interface} {interface #} 
    	ip access-group 187 in 
    	ip access-group 188 out

    If you are able to turn cheap jerseys wholesale on Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF), the length on the ACLs can be substantially reduced and thus increase performance by enabling unicast reverse path forwarding. In order to support unicast reverse path forwarding, you only need to be able to enable CEF on the router as a whole; the interface on which the feature is enabled does not need to be a CEF switched interface.

  4. Use CAR to rate limit ICMP packets.

    Refer to this example:

    interface xy 
     rate-limit output access-group 2020 3000000 512000 786000 conform-action 
    transmit exceed-action drop 
    access-list 2020 permit icmp any cheap nba jerseys any echo-reply
  5. Configure rate limiting for SYN packets.

    Refer to this example:

    access-list 152 permit tcp any host eq www 
    access-list 153 permit tcp any host eq www established 
    interface {int} 
    	rate-limit output access-group 153 45000000 Cheap Jordans 100000 100000 
    conform-action transmit exceed-action drop 
     	rate-limit output access-group 152 1000000 100000 100000 
    conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

    In the previous example, replace:

    Note that if you set the burst rate greater than 30%, many legitimate SYNs may be dropped. In order to get an idea vulputate of where to set the burst rate, use the show interfaces rate-limit command in order to display the conformed and exceeded rates for the interface. Your objective is to rate-limit the SYNs as little as necessary to get things working again.

Joomla fix for JCE popup lightbox

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Jan 3

We are using the JCE popup lightbox effect to present content items, as well as images. I oakley outlet have been racking my brain trying to figure out why the popup lightbox feature keeps using my template.css file. Yes, I am using a different, more simpler css file for my JCE editor and I have changed the parameters in the JCE configuration accordingly; cheap oakleys the admin JCE WYSIWYG is taking orders from the simpler css file, nfl jerseys cheap however the popup lightbox effect does not!

Unfortunately, I searched high and cheap oakleys low for a solution but still no Oakleys Outlet luck. Therefore, I had khung to turn to my template.css file and make some fixes and changes, i.e. simply strip the body element from any background images and/or problematic background colors and connect these attributes to a different element, like a 100% width table or a container div.mens club 24

Another annoying problem occured Cheap Jerseys when I was wholesale football jerseys checking the Cheap NFL Jerseys popup lightbox effect on Explorer 6.0. The fix I kills told you jordan retro Magna 11 about is still working, however the text is showing extremely wholesale football jerseys china cheap nfl jerseys large. Again, cheap jerseys china I was looking for an answer only to come up with my own small fix:

Simply place this ray ban sunglasses sale code Wholesale NFL Jerseys in your template.css file

Explorer 6.0 Cheap Football Jerseys uses the font-size attribute for the td and the text size goes back to normal. IE 8 has rewritten the event handler to display this in a more stable fashion with other browsers.

Jan 3

Joomla default menu (homepage), cheap football jerseys view, option variables in

// if a section set background body Prosox type cheap nfl jerseys for background image
$menu = &JSite::getMenu();

if ( JRequest::getCmd(‘view’) === “section” ) {<br cheap ray ban sungalsses />
$db = &JFactory::getDBO();
$temp   Cheap Jerseys cheap nfl jerseys = JRequest::getString(‘id’);
$temp   = explode(‘:’, $temp);
$id   = cheap jordans for sale $temp[0];

$db->setQuery(‘SELECT title FROM #__sections WHERE id=’.$id);
$sname=$db->loadResult();<br wholesale nfl jerseys />
$sname=str_replace(” “,”_”,$sname);
echo “_”.strtolower($sname);

if ( ($menu->getActive() == $menu->getDefault()) || nfl jerseys shop ( and JRequest::getCmd(‘view’) fake ray bans === nba jerseys sales “frontpage” Ремни ) ) {
echo “_homepage”;


Joomla countModules function

<div id=”imageFlick”>
<jdoc:include nfl jerseys cheap type=”modules” name=”slider_image” style=”xhtml” />


<span cheap China Jerseys Cheap Jordan Shoes style=”color: #ffff00″>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<jdoc:include type=”component” />


var Cheap Jerseys $error_reporting = ‘-1’; // oakley sunglasses cheap NONE

var $error_reporting = ‘2048’; // FULL

Joomla MYSQL loadResult

Jan 3

Sidebars are great because oakley sunglasses outlet they allow you to display a lot of useful info, such as related posts, author info, a blog roll, 125×125-pixel ad spaces and cheap nfl jerseys so on. But sidebars can quickly become very cheap nfl jerseys busy, and readers may be hard-pressed to find what they’re looking for. So, what Oakleys Outlet about having different sidebars available and displaying the most appropriate one for the post?

To apply this hack, duplicate your sidebar.php file and fill it with whatever information you would like to appear. cheap ray bans Save the file as sidebar-whatever.php.

Once that’s done, open your single.php* file and find the call to the get_sidebar() function:

1    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

Replace it with:

1    <?php $sidebar Blizzard = get_post_meta($post->ID, “sidebar”, true);
2    get_sidebar($sidebar);
3    ?>

Now when you write a post, create a custom field named sidebar. ray ban sunglasses Set its value as the name of the sidebar that you want to include. For example, if its cheap jordans online value is right, WordPress will automatically include sidebar-right.php as a sidebar.

If no custom sidebar field is found, WordPress automatically includes cheap China Jerseys wholesale jerseys the default sidebar.

<span style="color: cheap oakleys #ffff00″>*The same can be done with page.php.

This trick is quite simple. The first thing videu we did was look for a custom field named sidebar and get its value as a Fake Ray Bans variable. Then, the wholesale nfl jerseys variable cheap jerseys wholesale is Cheap Jerseys used as a parameter for Cheap Jordans the WordPress function get_sidebar(), which allows us to specify a particular file to use as a sidebar.

Using More Than One Loops

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Jan 3

When coding complex WordPress pages with more than one loop, <a Cheap nfl Jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>wholesale nfl jerseys it can happen NFL Jerseys Cheap that cheap oakleys one of the loops doesn’t ПЛИТКИ behave Fake Ray Bans as expected: for example, unwanted offset, repeated posts, etc. Luckily, with a bit of knowledge and a very useful function, wholesale jerseys NFL Jerseys Cheap china we can avoid this.

The following example features two distinct loops. Notice the rewind_posts() function on line 8. This example can nba jerseys sales be used on any WordPress file as is: index.php, single.php, etc.

<span style="color: fake oakleys #ffcc00″>01    // First loop (get the last 3 posts in the “featured” category)
02    <?php query_posts(‘category_name=featured&showposts=3’); ?>
03    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); nfl jerseys cheap ?>
04      <!– Do stuff… –>
05    <?php endwhile;?><br racha />
07    //loop reset
08    <?php rewind_posts(); ?><br своими />
10    //Second loop (Get all posts)
11    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
12      <!– Do stuff… –>
13    <?php endwhile; ?>

Code Cheap Ray Bans explanation.

This piece of code doesn’t use any hacks; rewind_posts() is a standard nfl oakley sunglasses sale jerseys cheap football jerseys cheap WordPress function.

The purpose of rewind_posts() is to “clear” a loop that has been previously used (like the first loop in our example above), allowing you to use a second loop that isn’t affected by the first loop’s results.

Cheap Jordans

Jan 6

A denial of service (DoS) attack is an incident in which a user or organization is deprived of the services of a jordan retro 11 resource they would normally expect to have. In a distributed denial-of-service, large numbers of compromised systems (sometimes called a botnet) attack a single target.

Although a DoS attack does not usually result in the theft of information or other security loss, it can cost the target person or company a great deal of time and money. Typically, the loss of ray ban sunglasses service is the inability of a particular network service, such as e-mail, to be available or the temporary loss of all network connectivity and services. A denial of service attack can also destroy programming and files in affected computer systems. In some cases, DoS attacks have forced Web sites accessed by millions of people to temporarily cease operation.

<span Böyle style=”font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif”>Common forms of denial of service attacks are: Read More…

WordPress Cheatsheet

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Jan 6

by <a title="Posts wholesale nfl jerseys by Keith Dsouza” href=””>Keith Dsouza September Cheap discount oakley Ray Bans 2009  in

<a title="View wholesale football jerseys china all cheap nfl jerseys posts in WordPress” rel=”category tag” href=””>WordPress, <a title="View all posts Style in WordPress for Beginners” rel=”category tag” href=””>WordPress for Beginners
<span style="font-family: cheap nfl jerseys arial,helvetica,sans-serif”>WordPress Codex has extensive documentation on the different ray ban sunglasses template tags nba jerseys sales available for use in themes, but having Cheap Jordans a cheatsheet of all the available template tags can definitely come in handy.

Ekin Ertac <a cheap nfl jerseys href=””>2 has ray ban sunglasses created a really useful WordPress Cheatsheet that lists out cheap ray bans all cheap nba jerseys the available template tags Janessa and Cheap Oakleys their oakley sunglasses outlet purpose, along with listing several other useful information for creating or modifying themes. The cheatsheet is available for download in PDF format.

Download WordPress Cheatsheet

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