Adaptive software Solutions to meet your needs.

FSA consults on softwareWith ever changing industries, FSA helps you maintain a competitive edge by implementing software solutions that can be adapted to rapidly respond to market and operational demands.

We help you utilize any existing software solutions that closely match your needs and then adapt them as needed in order to address your unique needs, developing new solutions as necessary. FSA can be engaged as your IT Dept to administer and maintain Licenses and Libraries. Qualifying organizations, educational institutions, and libraries may receive greatly reduced or donated software from companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Citrix, Dell, Granstation, just to name a few of the participating software giants. We work closely with to help bridge the Digital Divide.

Our Software Consulting Services include:

1. Needs Assessment

Evaluate needed functionality

Evaluate needed usage

Analyze existing solution

2. Software Configuration Plan

Analyze available pre-package software solutions

Identify needed product solutions

Establish interoperability

Define usage procedures

3. Software Implementation

Determine method of pre-packaged software acquisition

Install needed pre-packaged software solutions

Develop custom software modules

Develop technical procedures material

4. Software Support

Technical procedures clarification

Interoperability between software, hardware, and database additions

License Management

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