The Samsung GDI driver

posted by Timmy Squirrel
Jan 1

The Samsung GDI driver for ml-1740 et al. is packaged in an .exe file from the Samsung download web site.

However, the .exe file is not Windows cheap oakleys 7 compatible. If you try to install the driver by clicking on the executable, the program will terminate. So what to do?

Well, it’s simple really. The driver works fine in Windows 7; you just have to install it manually. To do so, follow these steps:

1. download the driver from the link above
2. double click on the downloaded file. there will be a windows error message informning you this program is incompatible with this version of windows. Don’t close this error message window yet, because we need to access the temporary files the install program has extracted.
3. now go to the temp directory of your computer, typically, it’s (user folder)\appdata\local\temp. oakley sunglasses outlet It’s a hidden folder; to view it you need to enable view of hidden files and folders in Windows folder option. The files contained in fake oakleys the .exe file cheap jordans online above were extracted in this directory. Sort by date and you’ll see a temp folder containing the following directories: printer\GDI\Vista. Copy the content of the directory to a permanent folder, for example, the download directory.

– There’s actually an easier way as pointed out by one of the comments below. You can right click on the Samsung exe file and choose F@H properties –> compatibility –> and choose to run the program under the compatibility mode for Vista SP2. I tried it and it works.

4. Now go to Start –> Devices cheap jerseys wholesale and Printers. Select Add a printer, when you reach the page for selecting printer drivers, click on Have Disk… and choose the driver file you had copied earlier.

Works like a charm. Have a look at my printer set up:

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